the last box of chips

We were not ready. We thought we were safe. Nobody could have predicted what was to start on September 7th, 2020 but the last box of chips had already been shipped.

On May 1st 2020, Snidely Whiplash,  a Roman Catholic Republican Hedge Fund Manager, major Trump donor and CRISPR Hobbyist spoke with President Donald Trump for 55 minutes over a secure non-government phone from his Vancouver Island retreat near Campbell River. 

Trump Announces Team To Lead COVID-19 Vaccine Effort May 16th

On Independence Day, July 4th 2020 President Donald Trump announced a CRISPR cure for the COVID-19 Virus.  Big Pharma stepped in to help ramp up production.  The hedge fund made over a billion dollars in two hours.  Each Republician Senator made tens of millions of dollars.

Mother survived and is currently living in Panama.

On September 7th 2020, complaining that it was Fake News that the cure was dangerous President Donald Trump collapsed and died at the Podium.  President Pence expired two days later. Five minutes before he expired, Pence outlawed abortions and mandated conversion therapy for all Americans. 

it didn’t matter,

Before they had time to pass the bills, 100% of the Republican Senate died within a few hours of each other;  by then they must have all know what they had done. There were no surviving members of Trump’s family except Tiffany.  Trump hid “the cure” from Democrats and as a result only 55 Democrats died over the next few weeks.  

It didn’t help

because by the day Trump died over 55 million Americans across the country had been vaccinated under a Presidential Wartime Decree forcing both the vaccination and an immediate return to work. 

People began to die in the hundreds, and then in the thousands; and then in the hundreds of thousands per day.

CRISPR: Implications for materials science
CRISPR permanently alters the human genome. There is no second chance.

By October 2020 we knew that the CRISPR cure forced the virus to go into a semi-dormant state, providing immediate relief for infected patients but hiding in various organs where it slowly mutated, adapting until 55 days later; as programmed, it unzipped, attacking multiple organs at the same time.  

Apparently this was the result of an attempt to create a market for ongoing treatment.  The modified virus was incredibly virulent; 55 days after exposure everyone died within a few hours.   No One Recovered.  Untold thousands of medical researchers died.  No one could help anyone.  

it didn’t matter

We think that by October over 55% of the American population was infected. Entire communities died praying in Churches and Mosques and regardless of faith; the places of worship were burned with the bodies inside.  It didn’t help.  

The modified virus ignored oceans, borders, ideologies, religions, creeds and personal prayers.  The prayers didn’t help.

This was the real deal this time
not a rehearsal

Snidely Whiplash was tracked down to a private island.  His entire family was injected with the weakest version of his cure. He was not. Volunteers are making sure he lives and suffers as long as possible.  It doesn’t help. 

The crowds tracked down the remaining Republicans but it was already much too late for the American medical system which no longer existed in any form, at any level.  As heroic as their final efforts were, no one was raptured straight to heaven, if they were lucky they were buried in mass graves, most were just left to rot in their abandoned clinics and hospitals. 

At first, Canada fared slightly better but in April, telling Canadians that the Canadian Government was “there for us”.  Justin “Pretty Boy” Trudeau’s government subsidised fossil fuels in Alberta.

I’m a fossil, not stupid, not us.

Icarus Flyby – Rock of the Ages, Father of Methuselah

At war with an invisible assailant, distracted by the welfare demands of big business, Trudeau’s attention focused on the wrong front in the war at the wrong time and Canada’s last chance to prepare was squandered. 

We were not ready.  We thought we were safe.  Nobody could have predicted what was to start on September 7th, 2020 but the last box of chips had already been shipped. 

It’s not about the economy stupid; it’s about Canadians
No Canadians = No Economy

We now know that before picking up the load of potato chips, on September 5th, the truck and driver had done a short run from a meat processing plant.  The 55 year old driver had worn protective gear as required and displayed no symptoms when tested on September 6th.  She delivered the shipment of Potato Chips to the Canadian Border Trailer Exchange where a second driver picked up the trailer.

The two drivers in full protective gear, chatted across the regulated distance as the trailers were decontaminated prior to the exchange. The American driver expired 5 days after leaving the exchange having been vaccinated early after Trump’s announcement as an essential services worker. 

The Canadian driver dropped shipments in 5 towns.  He dropped off a shipment of Potato Chips in Campbell River that same day: September 6th.  I was out of town camping alone in the woods and did not get back until a few days later.  

Icarus Flyby Demon of the Earth, Whip of Satan

November 1st is my birthday. Today I turned 69.  I live in a town of 30,000. I think everyone else in Campbell River is dead.  Dogs are barking.  I think I’ll go sit by the window.  My wife’s in the backyard.  She loves to garden.  I wonder if the kids are still alive.  They say 12% of us will survive.  I don’t feel sick.  Maybe I’m immune.  God I hope not.

Icarus Flyby April 18, 2020
High Priest, Church of daDeadFish & daChips 
that Fall Where They May

I grew up in Carmel Indiana in the 1950’s in an affluent catholic fundamentalist enclave.  My parents moved to Canada in May 1970.  By then all our heroes had been murdered.  There was a monster on the loose.

Icarus Flyby – AKA Abandon: Child of Reductionism and Albert Camus

May 2nd 2020

My right to live in peace supersedes the right of zombies to own guns!

Hey “Pretty Boy”! Good work on the guns.  Do not buy the guns back.  Take them. Seize then if you need to.  Hoof and Mouth rules apply.  

Icarus Flyby – Coordinator October Crisis 2020