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This is a business model, not an avoidable medical error. There are survivors. Their name is legion. I am one of them.

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College File No.: IC 2018-nnnn

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My complaint to the College of Physicians and Surgeons was that I suffered myopathy, memory loss, cognitive and emotional dysfunction while taking the maximum allowable dose of a medication known to induce these symptoms.

Avoidable Medical Errors are recognized as the third leading cause of death and medication errors the leading avoidable medical error. 

August 2005
Manager Information Systems
TMAR Industries
5 weeks in Europe
$250k RRSPS

Students of the opioid crisis have watched big pharma create the impression of a need for better pain medication, then a campaign to discredit the risks of addiction; then a focused prescription campaign; then the production of opioids of greater and greater potency.  The result is that in Canada a man, woman or child dies every two hours

due to the addictive nature of their personalities

Big Pharma

The success of statins was also due to massive targeted marketing that in turn led to my prescription of the maximum allowable dose of Lipitor (atorvastatin).  Now they say that I am bipolar and that I should write things down.  

This is a business model, not an avoidable medical error.  There are survivors.  Their name is legion.  I am one of them.

July 2007 with Michael & Carrie
Unemployed October 2007
Total Amnesia 2008
Blood Clot Fall 2009
Manic, Paranoid, Broke 2011

“Throughout the review process, we honour the legal protections that exist for both parties to a complaint. ”

The college is a self adjudicating body.  I can detect no right, legal protection or representation regardless of merit under this system.  Accordingly, my complaint was made without medical records, legal assistance, while still recovering from the cognitive effects of the treatment related to the complaint and with no reasonable expectation of success. The complaint was resolved without a personal interview.

January Invasive prostate biopsy
Spring Blood Clot – Critical Care
mystical experience in garage
Fall Blood Clot – Critical Care

After my NDE, I realize that I end up in Critical Care everytime I get cold while exercising

I stop exercising.
“Our review concludes with
no criticism of Dr. NN or Dr. GF”

Due to the treatment I received, my memories are unreliable so I can not even stand as my own witness.  However, I developed a habit of journaling which assists me in my efforts today. 

RCMP sent to house by City of Campbell River
told by City employee to go get help
asked by another “what happened to you?”

Sudden uncontrollable rages

Throw son and family out of house at thanksgiving.

“The mandate of the College in reviewing your complaint was to determine whether the medical care provided to you by Drs. GF and NN was consistent with the standard expected of a physician practicing in British Columbia.”

My complaint to the Health Professionals Review Board is that the care provided by Drs. GF and NN is consistent with the standard expected of a physician practicing in British Columbia and that:

that standard of medical practice poses a clear and present danger to my health, the health of my family, my friends, and my neighbors.

Furthermore, the self adjudication of the College enables the Pharmageddon: wherein medicine and the pharmaceutical industry do more harm than good resulting in a net detrimental effect on the health of all Canadians.

For Example:

“The medical evidence is very clear that statin medications reduce complications and death in patients such as yourself.”

This is not true:  Pfizer, the manufacturer of Lipitor (Atorvastatin) states the pharmaceutical is 1% more effective than placebo as a form of treatment in large clinical trials. At the same time, Pfizer claims a relative 36% reduction in the risk of heart attack. 

The use of relative risk is a simple trick designed to misinform. This is fraudulent criminal deception.  Medical quackery. 

Medical quackery is defined as the practice of palming off falsehoods as medical fact.  The College promotes and enables it with this response.

Feb 2014
BiPolar II
900 mg Lithium
150 mg Seroquel

80 mg of Lipitor switched to 20 mg Crestor

December 280 pounds

The information ecology of medicine is terminally polluted.  Regulatory Control, Publication Bias, run-ins, and massive marketing targeted at physicians undermine the foundation of medical research and have destroyed any integrity that evidence-based medical science might once have enjoyed.      

“Appropriate monitoring for side effects occurred. ”

This is not true: Multiple organs are tested but not the brain. There is no baseline or ongoing cognitive assessment provided to patients who are prescribed Atorvastatin.

The brain is a complex organ that requires and produces more cholesterol to function than any other organ in the body.  Atorvastatin has been tested in multiple CNS trials because it is lipophilic and able to easily pass through the blood-brain barrier.  Once across that barrier, it reduces the availability of cholesterol, COQ10 and critical biochemicals creating the potential to negatively impact the functioning of the brain. 

There is a clear risk,
especially at the maximum allowable dose.

July 2017
After 18 months of research I stop taking statins. My doctor says we have a difference of opinion. My specialist refuses to make appointments.

“As the years went on, you developed peripheral vascular disease, and thromboses requiring repeated procedural interventions. 
A vascular surgeon, hematologist, and two internal medicine specialists, as well as your family physician, all emphasized the importance of statin therapy in your specific clinical scenario.”

This is exactly my point and is the heart of the matter that I hope to bring to the Boards attention:  Despite multiple advisories, too many trials, documentaries and warnings to count;  not one of these medical professionals recommended that I suspend my statin medication (at no risk to my health) to determine if the maximum allowable dose was contributing to my health problems.  No one. Zero. Nadda. Zip. 

“go get his wife”

I actually had three vascular surgeons attend me.   But I only met one briefly when late in 2012, unable to close my femoral artery, the doctor called for a vascular surgeon and then out to the nurse: “go get his wife”. 

My life was at risk every time I required a vascular surgeon.  The pain and stress of these repeated interventions were extreme, neither my wife nor I believed I would survive.

Blood - Platelets (thrombocytes) | Britannica

The hematologist only said one word to me: platelets

Platelets are involved in clotting and get sticky when the system is under stress.  Statin-induced exercise intolerance and peripheral vascular disease (PVD) both cause pain and fatigue, often in the legs, and especially during exercise.

PVD almost always just gets worse over time but Statin-induced exercise intolerance resolves when the statin medication is stopped. 

after 6 weeks

The first internal specialist told me to eat smaller portions when I gained 70 pounds. Later said she would never trust a pharmaceutical sales representative again.

I will never trust that doctor again

October 2017
acute chronic pain that I have lived with for years stops two months after I stop taking statins

I go on a strict keto
I lose 60 pounds

The second specialist (2018) said I had minimal heart disease, was statin-intolerant and sent me to St. Pauls to see if I was eligible for a clinical trial testing an alternate way to lower my cholesterol.  

lowering my cholesterol was the problem.

Until 2012 I would bike to the pool and then swim 2 km on a regular basis but that Fall after my NDE I realized that every time I got cold while exercising I ended up in the hospital.  

I have a clear memory of discussing this with NN.  I believed in statins because I trusted my doctor, not because I understood the mechanism of action.  I even tried to talk my son into taking them.  Five more years of acute pain and suffering were to pass before I found the courage to stop taking statins in June 2017.

By acute, I mean passing out due to pain and hitting the floor face first while attempting to walk off a cramp. 
My wife found me lying in a pool of blood, my doctor said that I had triggered my vagus nerve.

When I stopped exercising in 2013, I stopped producing endorphins, by then I had taken the maximum allowable dose of atorvastatin for over six years and I began experiencing sudden uncontrollable rages. 

“It is clear that you believe statin medications caused your bipolar disease:

Yes and No:  What I believe is that Atorvastatin works!  That it reduces cholesterol by up to 60%, that the reduction is clinically measurable and that it passes through the blood-brain barrier where it does what it was engineered to do which is to limit the production of cholesterol!  And a bunch of other critical biochemicals.

The hippocampus is related to memory and motivation.  I do not remember 2008 at all so I know that something happened to my hippocampus.  It wasn’t a stroke; it might have been a cosmic ray (sarcasm) or the 1% benefit versus 30%-40%+ risk of an adverse effect from the elephant in the room (Atorvastatin). 

December 2017

Susan and I clear to path to my old meditation spot in Willow Creek

I am dumbfounded with my success

I no longer have a doctor.

Although I clearly have a mood disorder, I do not believe that I am bipolar per se, I was 55 when this started, and as per my references: I wasn’t bipolar then. 

I believe I am recovering from long term high dose statin toxicity that resulted in repeated brain and physical traumas.  These conditions may be best described as:

statin-induced dementia
statin-induced exercise intolerance

My recovery has been at considerable expense and without assistance or guidance from the people who induced the conditions and who at no time displayed any indication that they understood the risks involved in prescribing the medication.

I have no insurance for this, and to my point:

“It is fair to say that no physician would have discussed mental health deterioration as a potential risk of statin therapy.”

That is so regrettably true: Despite Health Canada’s (2005) and FDA’s (2012) warnings, clear biochemical risks, and countless documentaries and videos physicians will not talk about the cognitive risk of taking a statin.  

There is no way anyone would take statins if they did. 
I would not have.

Do you know who does have insurance? My doctors. Hired the largest law firm in BC. Do you know who pays for their insurance?

think hard

There is a pervasive odor of criminal intimidation of doctors and casual intimidation by doctors.  Doctors soon learn not to step on the cracks.  I have been refused as a patient after attempting to talk about these issues.  This effectively banned me from that entire clinic; I live in a small town, so patients also learn not to step on the cracks.  This is the denial of critical services and the refusal to treat.

I have attached the Adverse Effects of Statin Drugs: a Physician Patient’s Perspective” for the board’s consideration of one physician who did speak out; although there are many.

For me, this article is the Statin Rosetta Stone and I consider the author, who was a physician, astronaut, and who experienced Global Amnesia after taking 10 mg of   Atorvastatin to be authoritative.  

Mental illness is Rock Bottom

A bit crazy is in the weeds. Mental illness is hardpan. Rock Bottom.  If you tell a mentally ill person to go get help, you just don’t get it.  They can’t.  They are not functioning.

It doesn’t matter why I became mentally ill. It doesn’t matter what triggered it. There was simply no help.  No white knight.  In a community where I have resided for 50 years: Nothing.

Frankly, I’d just like to go on vacation but my spider-sense is tingling from the proximity of a tipping point in Canadian healthcare.

I may be crazy but if the force is with me I will push the College of Physicians and Surgeons right over it.  

I have no expectations of action by the Board in these matters.

December 11, 2019

Icarus Flyby
Supreme Allied Commander daBlitzKrieg
Coming to a town near you!

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