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They told me to write things down so I won’t forget

In September 1984, I fell off the marine ways at Q-Cove Boatworks on Quadra Island. We were living on Cortes Island at the time.

I was attended by Dr. Kenneth Duncan of the Alder Medical Clinic who diagnosed a cervical sprain.  Dr. Duncan did not believe in physiotherapy and after 8 weeks took me off compensation despite my repeated concerns and retired.

I should have stayed home.

Dr. Mark Stewart x-rayed my lower spine.  Dr. Stewart was wearing a neurostimulator designed to alleviate chronic spasm and pain and recommended that I do the same.  By then I had 16 different prescriptions. WCB decided that I had a pre-existing condition.  I was forced to change occupations.  Work in another town. The Federal Government took my wife and I to court just as we were getting on our feet again.  

Times were tough.

It was only years later that Campbell River learned that Dr. Stewart had sexually abused 72 women.  Dr. Stewart said that the 72 women just didn’t understand. Sure they did.

You can look it up in the Mirror.

The last time we met you said that we had a difference of opinion and I realized that you were not going to help me.  You didn’t know how. You had treated me for years with the maximum allowable dose of a medication known to cause muscle and mental problems.  My memories were damaged. I became mentally ill.  I suffered extensively. 

Eventually I realized that you were ignorant and had no right to an opinion. Like Dr. Stewart you did not understand the harm you had done. It’s not rocket science.

Honestly Marie; at this point I really don’t see the difference. 

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They told me to write things down so I won’t forget.

I’m trying to move on and forget but Quinsam Medical keeps sending me a bill for $30.

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the practice of ignorance leads to stupidity
in the information age, ignorance is a choice