When ignorance is practiced for too long, stupidity sets in, but this can be overcome. It is not a technical issue. We all have the human capacity to change our programing, we all have the ability to change.

January 18, 2018


In 2006 I was misinformed concerning the benifits of taking 80 mg of Lipitor.

In 2008, following a congressional investigation, the FDA ordered the Pfizer corporation to cease and desist a $260 million marketing campaign due to disinformation.  They lied.  About everything.

Then the Pfizer Corporation and Pfizer Canada just started new campaigns, and as far as I can tell …

  • Health Canada
  • Health BC 
  • College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia
  • College of Pharmacists of BC
  • BC Psychiatric Association

did nothing

I was not warned about the risks I was taking. This resulted is avoidable severe, significant and permanent personal injury.

because no one did their job.

All the Science I Don’t Understand

There is a war on sense-making and I’m sorry but as far as I can tell no one on the following list is aware of the actual risks of statins, just the marketing efforts of Pfizer. Disinformation. Dogma.

  • Save-On-Foods Pharmacy
  • Dr. Shung Lee – Vascular Surgeon 
  • Dr. Matt Robinson – Vascular Surgeon
  • Dr. James Dooner – Vascular Surgeon
  • Reg Smith – expert in Blood Clotting
  • Unknown – Hematologist
  • Dr. Jennifer Grace – Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Barend J. Bredenkamp – Psychiatrist
  • Dr. John Penhall
  • Dr. Marie Noel
  • Dr. Duncan Douglas 
  • Dr. Jon Walker
  • Dr. Ian March
  • Dr. Val Veeapen

I don’t care.

I don’t care about their personal ethics.
I don’t care about their professional standards.
I don’t care about their fancy insignia.
I don’t care that these doctors are good people.
I don’t care that they work hard and are doing the best they can.

I don’t care because I have a technical fix.


the Anything But Statins Medical Trial
Is the treatment safe?
Is the treatment effective?

ABSMT changes everything by making the patient the data owner and also, as it happens the information system software provider. This means that warnings can be automated. Liabilities offset.

Campbell River Mesh

CRMesh facilitates the efforts of people who volunteer their time within the community. This is the heart of the project and the foundation for the the community shield. CRMesh is designed to build community wealth.

I am seeking investors.  It really is a win-win solution. 

Meanwhile let me suggest that:

  1. Patients with psychiatric conditions be taken off statins.
  2. Pre-op patients be taken off statins 3 months prior to surgery
  3. Post-op patients stay off statins for 3 months after surgery
  4. Patients have their prescriptions renewed by cardiologists
  5. Patients on statins be cognitively assessed every 3 months
  6. Zero Tolerance for Medical Disinformation

daBad list

You Are On The Bad List

You take someone who enjoys meditation, exercise and technology, someone who reads everything he can get his hands on and give him a drug that destroys self control, shatters memory and fractures cognition. A drug that is toxic! To everyone. Snake Oil that brutally punishes exercise, persistence and endurance.  And he can no longer read a good book.

You fail to recognise the problem you have prescribed, deny it despite Health Canada warnings, abandon and refuse to assist and then you refuse to educate or inform co-workers.

You refuse to avoid doing harm to others

you make it impossible to improve the situation

This isn’t 1984.  This is 2020.

When ignorance is practiced for too long, stupidity sets in, but this can be overcome. It is not a technical issue. We all have the human capacity to change our programming, we all have the ability to change. Change Your Programming. Please.

Invest in a solution with a 2020 vision. 

take the right turn at daTipping point
or forever lose your way

Icarus Flyby – Fifth Generation Escapist, Father of Harry, Pillar of Salt
  • Icarus Flyby is a immigrant
    • wrote a program in 1969 on punch cards.
    • moved to Canada in 1970
    • built a personal computer in 1979
    • Geographic Information Systems from 1989 to 1997
    • Manufacturing 1997 to 2005
    • City of Campbell River from 2006 until in October 2007
at that point the maximum allowable dose of Atorvastatin ended his career

by 2008, Icarus could no longer do simple math

Leaders are one step ahead of the crowd
Crackpots are one step ahead of the leaders

Icarus Flyby – Crackpot First Class, Who are you going to call?

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