Blitzkrieg D-Day

daRoyal Tuna

Icarus Flyby

daTuna of daSea

Declares that a State of War Exists

daAnarchy of daFish

dirt, third rock from the sun

the Province of British Columbia

daRoyal Tuna daFish

Declares and Condemns

  • systemic refusal to curtail
    • medical disinformation
    • avoidable medical errors
  • refusal to treat adverse effects of medication
  • denial of access to personal information
    • denial of basic tort rights
    • denial of equal opportunity under the law


daRoyal Snapper

Demands and Requires

Icarus Flyby

A Patient Bill of Rights
A Patient Information System
A Community Mental Health System
Multidisciplinary Virtual Medical Clinics
Adverse Effect Treatment System

Signed this day November 1st 2019
Year One daAnarchy of daFish

Icarus Flyby
daDoor into Summer
headHunter in daWar on Sensemaking

Statin Disinformation
Statin Side Effects

cod save daFish

Administrative Law and Healthcare